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Welcome to The Hidden Gem! You can choose from Crystal Therapy, Meditation Services, or available Classes & Workshops that offer an immersive and calming experience where you can relax and connect with the healing power of crystals. The Hidden Gem specializes in bringing you a transformative experience that will rely on the energy of crystals and the restorative power of relaxation.

The Hidden Gem also has a small boutique which offers wide range of crystal products, from jewelry and candles to sage and crystal pens. You will find the highest quality crystals and other items to help you create a sense of balance and harmony in your life. 


Let's Get Spiritual is a podcast dedicated to exploring the many facets of spirituality, from energy healing, crystals and tarot to meditation and mindfulness, etc. Our goal is to provide an open platform to educate, discuss personal stories and experiences, and to help others grow on their own spiritual journey.
If you're looking to explore the world of spirituality, join us on this journey and get inspired! 

Learn more about Ann and how and why she chose to become a Certified Crystal Practitioner.

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