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Crystal Therapy is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating form of therapy where crystals and stones are placed on the body throughout the session.

Our mental, emotional, and physical health are all connected and how our energy is flowing heavily influences them all. A crystal therapy session can help to release blockages and imbalances in our energetic field allowing energy to flow freely and help lead to increased overall well-being.

The Hidden Gem was specifically designed to remind us that when we tune out from the world and into ourselves, we begin to discover that everything we need is already within us.  



Ann Marinho




I started my journey to becoming a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner many years ago without even knowing it.  While taking regular yoga classes with a close friend, I became interested in learning more about meditation, energy, and the chakras. On a random day I came across a crystal chakra set and guidebook online.  Once I ordered and received those items, I was intrigued and became fully immersed. I started buying more & more crystals and learning about their various healing properties. Having quite the collection and still meditating regularly, I began to incorporate the two into my everyday routine.  Through intent and dedication, working with crystals over the years has led me to live a more fulfilling life and helped me get through some of my most difficult times.  I knew I needed to combine my love of crystals with my passion for helping others, and that’s when I came across Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.  The wealth of knowledge that I’ve attained through my certification is insurmountable. And as a Crystal Practitioner, I am dedicated to providing a healing space for others where they can relax, tune in to themselves, and find some peace of their own.    

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