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Confidence & Clarity Pouch

Confidence & Clarity Pouch


If you've been feeling low, lacking self confidence, and in need of some clarity and uplifting vibes, then this is the perfect pouch for you!  It's like having your own little bit of sunshine in your pocket! Use this crystal pouch as a reminder to take a pause, a deep breath, and absorb the uplifting energies these stones have to offer.


1 Citrine to increase self-esteem and confidence

1 Pyrite to protect from negativity and increase will power

1 Tiger's Eye to focus the mind and promote mental clarity

  • Return Policy

    No Returns, Refunds or Exchanges.

    If there are any issues with your order, please contact the shop directly by filling out the Contact Form below.

  • Product Description

    This listing is for 1 Confidence & Clarity Pouch that includes 1 Citrine, 1 Pyrite, 1 Tiger's Eye, each measuring about 1 inch. 

    Since these are natural stones and each are different and unique, your product may vary slightly from those in the photos.

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